Most Popular Ice Cream Toppings


Americans love their ice cream, consuming about 30 liters per person a year. From “jimmies” to hot fudge, it is the ice cream toppings that really are the cherry on top of this multi-billion dollar industry. Once upon a time, an ice cream shop customer only had a couple of choices if they wanted to […]

How is Ice Cream Made?

Ice cream is one of the most popular desserts in the world and constitutes a 13-billion dollar business in the US. It is believed that 98% of all Americans eat ice cream regularly and that the average American eats about 24 quarts of ice cream each year. With all this frozen yumminess being consumed, have […]

Costs to Start an Ice Cream Business

As people become more and more active during the summer, the demand for quick, frozen dessert alternatives continues to grow. Starting an ice cream shop to meet that demand is smart business. With the right location and a solid business plan, you can start your new company and have it up and running in no […]

What are the Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors?

Mmmm, ice cream – everyone’s favorite frozen treat! If you are considering opening up an ice cream business, there are literally hundreds of flavors of ice cream that you can provide for your customers. Anything from the exotic (a scoop of seaweed ice cream, anyone?) to the classic vanilla can be served on a cone. […]

Best Location for an Ice Cream Business

If you are thinking about opening up an ice cream business, you are making a great choice for yourself and your family. Last year, Americans spent over $21 billion dollars on frozen desserts! Starting an ice cream business is a sound choice for someone wanting to go into business for themselves and with the right […]