The Ice Cream Plan
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Dear Ice Cream Entrepreneur,

What other business practically guarantees satisfied customers every time? What other business caters to men, women and children or people from all demographics and all walks of life? Let’s face it, everyone loves ice cream.

Whether you aspire to grow as profitable and well-recognized as Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream or simply want to make a comfortable, six-figure income in your home town, a key to success is a carefully planned, well executed business plan.

However, I understand that the mere term ‘business plan’ causes panic for many entrepreneurs. Let me fill you in on four business plan writing secrets:
  • You don’t need an MBA.
  • ​You won’t have to spend countless, grueling hours at your computer.
  • You don’t even have to know what’s in a business plan.
  • ​You also won’t have to pay a consultant $150 an hour to write a custom business plan.
I Can Help You Plan Your Ice Cream Shop's Success
I’ve heard it all…

As the founder and editor of Ice Cream Profits, entrepreneurs just like you write in with questions about the ice cream business. Of the hundreds of questions I get every month, about 80% involve effective business plan development or business start-up.

I also get the success stories – the letters and e-mails from professionals who’ve built a profitable and established ice cream business. They offer tips and advice, telling me what worked for them.

So I have a unique vantage point – and a wealth of secret, insider information about the business that others don’t. I know what it takes to make it!

Regardless of what anyone says, starting your own business has its risks. But, what I’ve learned is that a good business plan helps you tackle challenges before they set you back.
Why Do I Need a Business Plan for My Ice Cream Shop?
Having a solid plan with realistic estimates is critical. You need a business plan that is tailored to your unique business. Generic plans aren’t up to par, and consultants can be way too expensive.

A professional business plan is like a road map to success, showing you:
  • How to market your business with the least possible investment
  • ​How to beat the competition head-on
  • ​How to market your business with the least possible investment
  • ​What your risks are and how to minimize the risk
  • How much revenue you can expect in the first year, the second year, and so on
  • How you can set your shop apart from the others – and double your income!
  • The minimal requirements you need to get into the lucrative ice cream business
  • ​Plus so much more!
Let me show you how to get a personalized business plan tailored specifically to your ice cream shop that will help you earn the highest profits attainable!

But first, let’s review the facts.
This is Serious Stuff…

FACT: Over 50% of all small businesses FAIL in the first year.
(Source: U.S. Small Business Administration)

FACT: Statistics show that a well-written business plan can
dramatically increase your chance of success.

FACT: Poor planning is the #1 cause for small businesses failure.
(Source: Dunn and Bradstreet)

Get The Secret To Launching and Running
A Highly Profitable Ice Cream Business!
Now, let me show you exactly how to safeguard your business from failure. I want to introduce you to the best business plan template system I’ve ever come across. It provides the customization you need, geared solely toward the ice cream industry.

It also doesn’t come along with the high price tag you’ll find with consultants or business plan software. It’s incredibly easy to modify and the bulk of the plan is written for you!

Using this business plan, you can map out your new business in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost. This business plan is a professional document that will help you plan for your ice cream shop’s success.

If you need financing, this customizable business plan will help you get the money you need. You will be proud to show this business plan to any reputable bank, investor or business consultant.
The Ice Cream Business Plan – Newly Updated for 2019
Would you take a road trip without a map? Probably not. So why would you even consider starting a business, with much greater risk, without a fail-safe, ironclad business plan?

Get started the easy way using The Ice Cream Business Plan .
  • Key Ice Cream Industry Facts & Figures
  • Up-to-Date Research and Analysis – Save Hours of Your Time!
  • Detailed Business Description
  • ​  Critical Ratios and Calculations
  • ​  Key Financial Forms
  • ​Eliminate The Mystery Behind Expense and Income Estimates
  • ​Complete Marketing & Operational Plan
  • ​ Detailed, Fully-Customized, Ice Cream Business Plan
  • ​ Plus 5 Amazing Getting Started Bonuses
  • ​Satisfaction Guaranteed!
The Ice Cream Business Plan
(A complete business planning kit with Word, Excel, and Adobe PDF documents.)
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A Professional Business Plan in a Fraction of
the Time at a Fraction of the Cost!
When you actually sit down to write an ice cream shop business plan, you can feel overwhelmed. Where do you start? What do you say? With so many sections and critical information expected, it’s hard to know.

Generic plans just don’t work for this business.

You could hire a business plan consultant for one-on-one help with writing your business plan. However, these consultants will often charge upwards of $100/hour and you can expect to pay between $2,000 to $10,000 for a thoroughly researched plan. That is a huge amount of money you could be using as start up capital instead.

But, now, you can create a professional business plan specifically geared toward the ice cream industry in a fraction of the time it would take if you were writing it from scratch!

Just customize to fit your shop’s details and your business plan is done. It is, by far, the easiest way to write a business plan!
Writing a Business Plan Has Never Been Easier…
You simply input your ice cream shop’s details in the easy-to-follow business plan template and click save. Then open the Microsoft Excel financials document and plug in your shop’s projected numbers.

This will help you calculate the break even analysis, opening day balance sheet, three-year profit projection and 12-month profit loss statement.

Once you’re satisfied with your business plan, print it out and place everything in a professional binder. Then it’s done!

You can use it as a guide for running your ice cream shop. You can also present your polished plan to lenders, partners or investors.
The Research Has been Done For You with
Up-to-date Ice Cream Industry Facts and Figures
Possibly the most difficult part of writing a business plan is the research involved. This is why the Ice Cream Business Plan pays special attention to the research section. This business plan uses only the most reputable sources and includes all the key information entrepreneurs, banks and investors require.

All industry research is pulled from exceptional sources including:
  • International Dairy Foods Association
  •   US Census Bureau
  • Datamonitor
  • ​  US Food & Drug Administration
The Ice Cream Business Plan is updated every year to ensure you always have the most up-to-date facts and figures in your ice cream business plan.

Since the industry research section is already written, you save hundreds of frustrating hours required to manually gather anything nearly as comprehensive. That alone is worth your investment!

Just look at all of the pre-made Ice Cream Industry charts and graphs included in The Ice Cream Business Plan! You’ll get:
  • The Global Ice Cream Market Segmentation Percent Share by Volume
  • The United States Ice Cream Market Volume
  • The Pricing Schedule
  • ​The Impressive Promotional Budget
  • ​The Powerful Sales Forecasts
  • ​The Competitor Ice Cream Market Share Graph
  • ​The Competitor Profile Matrix
  • ​Plus, The United States Ice Cream Market Forecast for the next 5 years!
(Busy bankers and investors favor visuals over text.)
Save Time and Money While Avoiding
The Stress of Starting from Scratch!
Don’t wait another minute. Discover the foolproof way to create a powerful, customized business plan in minutes! It’s the same business plan template that has already guided hundreds of other successful ice cream business owners – and it can help you achieve success, too!
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The Ice Cream Business Plan
Is Right For You
In doing our research for developing this product, we enlisted the help of a professional review team. This review team was made up of:
  • A well respected banker with 25 years of lending experience.
  • A professional business plan writer with over 10 years of experience.
  • A former vice president of franchise operations for one of the nations largest fast food chains and founder of several successful businesses.
These business plan and food industry experts purchased every business plan product on the market and thoroughly examined and evaluated each one.

During this review process, our business plan experts recognized a tremendous opportunity to offer a product that both met and exceeded the standards currently set and did so while being specifically hand-crafted for the ice cream industry.

Here are the top five reasons why The Ice Cream Business Plan is the perfect plan for you.
So what are you waiting for? Download The Ice Cream Business Plan right now – and have a fully customized, power-packed business plan tonight. Stop worrying. Cross this off your to-do list today.

Download this Incredible Ice Cream Business Plan, right now!
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“Want to Know What Other Ice Cream
Entrepreneurs are Saying about The
Ice Cream Business Plan?”
Our customers have written to us praising this powerful business plan template kit. Take a look at what they’re saying:
“Is The Ice Cream Business Plan Right for Me?”
The Ice Cream Business Plan is designed to accommodate all of the most common ice cream industry situations.

Do any of the following situations describe you?
  • Considering the Benefits of Launching Your Own Business?
  • Starting a Traditional Ice Cream Parlor?
  • Buying an Existing Ice Cream Parlor?
  • ​Need to Objectively Assess Your Current Business?
  • ​Launching a Gourmet Micro Batch Ice Cream Shop?
  • ​Looking for Growth or Startup Capital?
  • ​Selling Your Multi-Parlor Chain?
Regardless of your particular situation, The Ice Cream Business Plan offers the essential groundwork you need to create a customized plan that will impress investors, lenders and potential partners as well as help you plan for the success of your shop.
Download this Incredible Ice Cream Business Plan, right now!
Thank you for your interest in The Ice Cream Business Plan !

By downloading , you’re making one of the best decisions you’ll make all year.

This solution continues to help thousands of ice cream shop owners and entrepreneurs, simplifying business plan development and helping them achieve their revenue goals.

If you have any questions regarding our business plan, please e-mail me at

Wishing You Success in Your Ice Cream Business Ventures,
Jason Lexell
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P.S. If you came to this Web site looking for information on how to make money in the Ice Cream business, this plan is for you. No other customizable plan and resource offers such professional, in-depth insight into this exciting industry. And you can download it here right now for Free!